In 2001 a group of lawyers in Melbourne held a series of meetings to discuss the establishment of an association of Catholic legal professionals. Unlike the position in New South Wales, there had been no Association or Group for Catholic Lawyers in Melbourne since the 1950's. Approval was obtained from the Archdiocese, and in late 2001 the "Melbourne Catholic Lawyers Association" was formed. The Patron Saint of the Association is Saint Ives.

Essentially, we decided to create an association with a number of aims. The first was to strengthen and develop the faith of all involved, whether practising Catholics or 'just visiting.' Secondly, the association would provide a forum for lawyers to meet and discuss work, ethical and legal issues. Finally, the association would create a network of like-minded professionals for Catholics in the legal field.

We, the Melbourne Catholic Lawyers' Association, strive to serve God through our jobs and lives as legal professionals. We strive to build up the Church through our fidelity and witness. We strive to strengthen our society through our professional integrity, commitment to justice, community service and advocacy of the Gospel message. We commit ourselves to lives of faith, hope and love in the service of God and our neighbour.


13 May - Mass and breakfast -Javier Martínez, Archbishop of Granada, Spain, spoke on "Faith in the Public Square: the Challenges of Secularisation"

6 March - Mass and breakfast - Christine Campbell MP spoke on "Freedom of Conscience in the context of the prosecution of Dr Mark Hobart".

15 August - Mass and dinner - Sir James Gobbo AC CVO, former Supreme Court Justice and Governor of Victoria, spoke on “The Challenges of Catholic Identity”. Sir James was introduced by Judge Frank Gucciardo.

9 December - Christmas Mass and drinks


10 December - Christmas Mass and drinks

23 October - Mass and breakfast - Frank Kigenza, a young African lawyer, spoke about the justice system in Rwanda and his work with Lawyers of Hope, a partner of CLEAR International Australia. The breakfast was co-hosted with the Christian Legal Society of Victoria.

16 August - Mass and dinner - Attorney General of Victoria Robert Clark spoke on "The Rule of Law". The Attorney General was introduced by Justice Richard Tracey RFD of the Federal Court.

21 May - St Ives' Day Mass and drinks

22 March - Mass and breakfast - health researcher Dr Renate Klein spoke on the topic “Is it ever OK to use a woman’s body in surrogacy? Recent legal developments in Australia and internationally”


12 December - Christmas Mass and drinks

22 May - St Ives' Day Mass and drinks

14 March 2012 - Mass and breakfast - RMIT lecturer Dr Caroline Norma spoke on the topic “Females for Sale and Selling a Lie: Prostitution in Victoria”


13 December - Christmas Mass and drinks

26 August - Mass and dinner - Bishop Eugene Hurley of Darwin spoke on “Reflections on the law and justice”, including some comments on the NT Intervention and refugees

19 May - St Ives' Day Mass and drinks

7 April - Mass and breakfast - barrister Julian McMahon spoke on the topic "St Thomas More: His Life in London"

President - Christina Warren
Secretary - Daniel Hickman
Treasurer - Neil De Cruz

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